Saturday, December 27, 2008

I’s learnin’ the ‘puter

I took a free class at the Apple Store this morning and 9:00 am. The mall wasn’t even open, but the Apple store is! So I’m getting the hang of this, now. Who knew I ALREADY had i-web installed in my computer. It wasn’t on the little menu bar there.
Also took Dorissa to the indoor pool today - cheaper than a movie and she got to run around and splash and I got to laze about (for short time periods) in the hot tub. Then it was Pei Wei for dinner. Dave spent the day unpacking his new large, flat-screen television. He worked some overtime earlier this year and we agreed that he should spend the money on anything HE wanted.

The weather today is 65 degrees but quite wet. On the plus side, I did venture into the attic via the trap door in the linen closet and was able to take picture of actual wet during a rainstorm. There is on-going disagreement among roofing and house specialists on why we’ve had leaking for the past 5 years! Several said tuckpointing, been tuckpointed within an inch of it’s life and still leaking. One said flashing, aint that either, “wet chimney” (a possibility) and porous brick which was going to cost thousands of dollars and needed dry spell during the summer to apply some coating to the whole side of our house. As it’s the wettest year on record, we have had no dry spells. Another one said it wasn’t wet chimney if we could actually find it leaking during a rainstorm! A-HA I’m on the trail now. I took a thick black marker and marked where it was wet and dry up in the attic.


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