Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 16 - New inspiration

With renewed enthusiasm this week is going really well!

I finally finished the hood that I thought was done awhile ago, but I discovered about 2 inches of unfinished seam. THEN I hate to wait until I was “sewing with white thread,” because that’s how my brain works.

After the Glass and Metal Symposium, I discovered that I really don’t have enough nursing-friendly garb but a number of things just need small modifications. I need to put already-made buttons on the plaid dress and do loops. But the whole front will need reinforcement. The wrap dress that I wore for my vigil never got proper fasteners and they’ll help make it nursing friendly. I think I’ve got one button made and I need to do another. The dress will need 4 reinforcements, 2 buttons and 2 holes. At this point 2 reinforcements are sewn on and the other 2 are already made. This all needs to be put on before next weekend. But the point of all this is that I was “sewing with white” so I finished up Stephen’s hood. One thing completely done and marked off Teh List.

Then, yesterday my neighbor confirmed that she had the spider halloween costume that I made for Dorissa. It had a bib and a little shirt that never got finished. I couldn’t decide between pumpkin buttons or plain black buttons for the shirt. I thought the pumpkin buttons might be “too much,” to which David laughed, because wasn’t that the whole point of the shirt? Too much? Well it looks just fine with black buttons - see above and will be darling with the polar fleece overalls, which I recall are HUGE for a baby Isaac’s age, but they’ll be cute. AND it’s not even October.

So, for week 16 that marks 14/66 projects complete. I’m definitely catching-up. I’m not counting the modifications to the plaid dress or the wrap dress (or Isaac’s one tunic, which needs gores, but did get a fastener while at Metal and Glass,) since technically they are done and wearable.


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