Sunday, October 03, 2010

Week 18: My Buttons are Flaccid

I’ve been working on the buttons for my plaid dress. I think they are supposed to be small hard balls and I’ve got floppy discs. I’m not sure how well these are going to work as buttons. But they are on and they have loops so the dress can be worn. Now, that’s technically not a project, merely a revision. So I can’t count it for anything, but it’s nice to have some decent garb to wear.

The bright blue sleeves are done, but too small for me to wear. They can be a winter court children’s gift. Since they are technically done, I’m going to count them as this week’s UFO, but I reserve the right the revise them. They look lonely and need some simple embroidery.

I pulled out a Gold Key tunic that I was supposed to repair. I’m not sure why I have it now. Was I going to completely remake that awkward neckline? It’s not worth it for that weird heavy polyester fabric. Was I just planning on zigzagging the edges so it could be washed? That’s done, but I did it some more. It’s an awkward tunic and looks like it was never worn. Someone made it but then decided the neckline was awkward and donated it to Gold Key. Nota Bien: Do not send things to Gold Key that you yourself would not wear. It’s OK if you’ve outgrown the garb. Used garb is actually good because at least you know someone wore it. Maybe we should send this stuff to a high school drama department. It might be OK for stage wear. Not posting a picture of the tunic lest I insult some worthy reader.

Finally, I can finish Lyriel’s drawers. I think they were already measured, I just needed to finish the edges. I measured them again and they are fine. My instinct is to hand seam them, but I suspect Lyriel would rather have drawers in the next few weeks than hand sewn drawers, some day.

So, for week 18 that 16 projects complete. I’m starting to catch-up.


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