Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 20: No FOs but what a room!

This week was very, very busy week. Family came in town on Thursday and after 2 trips to Loewe’s that day I was ready to paint. David’s desk has been disassembled in the basement for several months since we moved the crib into Isaac’s room. After careful consideration I decided that David really needed a space of his own and I could live with the sewing machine in the family room somewhere. My helpful neighbors have also pointed out that there’s really good space in guest room and we could make better use of it. Plus all of the papers that come into the house seem to land on the dining room table and maybe with  David’s desk just a few feet away they can make their way there.

It all started when a dresser left my house. I posted it for sale on the work bulletin board for $15 and I would have taken $12. To my surprise, I had 3 inquiries within 20 minutes and it went to the guy who said he had a matching nightstand. With that space cleared out it occurred to me that we could make room for David’s desk if we cleaned out the junk. And my family would be in-town to help. As I was contemplating the dusty empty space, it occurred to me that it really needed paint and maybe I could run to the store and just pick some random blue paint. David had come home a few weeks earlier with an enormous autographed Isaac Bruce framed photo (Rams football player) and I figured I could put that up for him.

Then I was talking to my co-worker Ed and mentioned how he would like to help people arrange furniture and pick paint colors for a living. By some miracle Ed was free for an extended lunch the next day so we cruised by my house, looked at the room, grabbed 2 rams paintings and Ed plucked a strand of carpet and it was off to Loewe’s. I’m VERY pleased with the pale green on one wall and the darker green next to the brick. The green picks up the shade of the grass  in the picture and I think it looks good with the rest of the colors in the dining room and living room. I still need do the ceiling and I may use the shade in between for the bathroom if it doesn’t clash with the gold fixtures. 

For week 20 that still only makes makes 17 projects complete. I’m getting discouraged about Teh List, but the house is getting there. .

For decluttering it was pretty good. A few  more suits/jackets went to the Scholar Shop and Dave has agreed that the TV and VCR that were in the room can go! That is progress.


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