Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 21: No Clever Title.

Well, I pulled another one out of my U-No-Wut this week. Just a pair of green sleeves but it counts. They were on Teh List and they’d been sitting around in the UFO piles for ummm - must be years. I meant to finish a hood for Dorissa last week that needs 2-3 more button holes. I’ve already put the buttons on. It has one button hole finished, with nice silk embroidery floss but I can’t find that color again. I’ve looked everywhere. I may break down and sew it with another blue but I just hate to do that. It must be somewhere. Isaac wore his Halloween shirt today and it was nice to have that done and not have to worry about it.

On the other hand, Dorissa had a friend over and they decided that their American Girl Dolls needed coats and hats so I took them down to the fabric bins. When they chose a thick leopard print I talked them both into capes for the dolls. I thought that would be easier than coats but I’m not so sure since it’s fuzzed and I decided they needed edging. That took awhile and only one (for our guest) actually got done (see pic). Dorissa’s is wearable, but still needs some finish work to be done on it.

For week 21 that makes 18 projects complete, but I get a bonus point for the doll cape. At least I’m not losing ground. I’ve decided not to beat myself up about last week. I really did have a lot going on. And this week I patched the room (I feel like superwoman!) and took Dave to Loewe’s to pick shades.

On the other hand decluttering has been great. The extra socks went to Good Will, a TV and VCR and small TV/Radio combo all went to the electronic recycling center and I gave my boss a bag of winter baby clothes and bibs for Our Lady’s Inn. I just can’t seem to plan meals, declutter, keep the house and do anything else craft wise. It’s usually ONE of those things each week. How do people do it? It’s a miracle the blog gets written and updated.


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