Sunday, November 07, 2010

Week 23: Losing ground Again

I was hoping to catch-up by week the 6-month mark at week 24 but I can’t see that happening. It’s next week and we’ve got a wedding to go to.

I was really hoping to complete some simple finish work on the sleeves of an undertunic for David. I have the tunic but the edging has disappeared. I never quite got downstairs to cut another piece. Like the hood, I continue to be thwarted by missing pieces.

De-cluttering is a bit better this week. The bag of maternity clothes has left and I sorted through some boxes. Isaac’s room looks great. While I was at Queen’s Prize Tourney, David moved the file cabinet. That left some space to move 4 un-opened boxes into (I think one has been around since we moved into the house). Everything is now out of the middle of the room including the furniture. I can live like this for awhile. I laid out some maternity clothes to photograph and sell but couldn’t quite get to it while the light was still good.

The hutch is set-up in the man-room so that left some space in the basement to set-up shelves and move the yarn onto them. The weather was fabulous today and I painted a chair to go in the Family Room near the computer. Then the family room chair can go to David’s new office. He bought a netbook this weekend. So about 3/4 of the yarn is on shelves, David has a desk, chair and a computer and one bag of clothes is gone.


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