Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, the UFO’s have stalled at 19 projects! I’m hoping to start again after the holidays. While I wasn’t making UFOs, I did make 2 doll capes and 2 doll beret’s as pictured. One for Dorissa and one for her friend. The gold tunic went to the Winter Court auction where it fetched $20, so I feel OK about that. I also embroidered 2 sets sleeves from previous posts but was only able to give one away. See below.

I’m currently working on a green/beige tunics for David and Isaac and finishing a dark green tunic for me. They might finish up at the same time. I think it’s technically week 29 and I’m still at 19 UFOs. I’m not holding out hope for catching up, but I will continue to plug away at things.


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